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The world's three One of the Grand Canal! History and overview of ...

Six-Day War Zenshi Overview Features of the Suez Canal Suez Canal is the canal that represents the full-length km connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, width m, a world of depth m. Completed year. Routes to Asian destinations from Europe by the completion of the Suez Canal is 000 kilometers has been reduced. Literally, I canal that changed the world of shipping. Suez Canal only in a fixed location can not misunderstanding of the ship. For this reason, usually ship advance formed a convoy has adopted the transit fleet method]. Is to Suez takes-time by bus from the Egyptian capital Cairo. After the Suez Canal was completed, the United Kingdom is the acquisition of the shares of the Suez Canal Co., Ltd. in the year. Suez Canal has been placed under the management of the United Kingdom. The Suez Canal has been closed up 0's, is the time of the Suez Crisis. Year nacelle was appointed to the Egyptian President to declare the nationalization of the Suez Canal in the same years. United Kingdom France Israel was a military invasion to Egypt for this.

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