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Immediately after independence Israel Palestinian went [ethnic cleansing]

Six-Day War Zenshi Accusing the [ethnic cleansing] of the Palestinians immediately after independence Israel went <0 years ago, what was there in the next Middle East war that occurred after Israel founding. And the country of war crimes by the Jewish historical researchers "ethnic cleansing of Palestine" is empirically verify, hope for the Middle East peace> The founding of Israel in the next Middle East war of the year this year, the Palestinian refugees is a milestone of 2.0 years and international issues of. Trump US President to 0 years in recent years has occurred is internationally strong opposition by certified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It Palestinian problem, which is said to be the 20th century maximum of the negative legacy, but was impressed that in the past of history but still is an international problem that threatens the peace of the Middle East and the world.

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