Six-Day War Zenshi

Egypt as a regional power

Six-Day War Zenshi Egypt as a regional power Egypt has a long history since the days of ancient civilization. In recent years, a variety of initiatives of Egypt to the Gaza situation, the world's attention was gathered. When something happens in the Middle East, but you often hear the name of Egypt, in any country and Egypt, do you play any kind of role in the Middle East. Nile River and the country with the Suez Canal Egypt Arab Republic, facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, is a country located in the African continent northeast. Area approximately of Japan. Times, it has spread to the Sinai Peninsula, across the Suez Canal, and in contact with Sudan and Libya, Israel and the border. Most of the land is covered in desert, what is available is only along the Nile River. From the era of ancient Egyptian civilization through to modern times, Egypt has evolved around the areas along the Nile river.

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