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What's happening now Middle East?

Six-Day War Zenshi What's happening now Middle East? What is meant by a demise of American hegemony To reconsider the current situation in the Middle East in world history Yo Usuki Japan Women's University professor Profile share Tweet Bookmarks American hegemony in the Middle East obscuration ... After the appearance of playing cards US President, American diplomacy over the situation in the Middle East has been greatly transformed. The president because it has raised the America First], also regional conflicts that are happening all over the world are trying to deal with in the context of American domestic politics. A typical example is, is that carried out the ceremony to transfer to Jerusalem, the American embassy from Tel Aviv to 0 date corresponding to the anniversary of Israel founding. A support base was a political ceremony for the Jewish and Christian evangelicals in the United States. Since in both houses a year in the United States [Jerusalem Embassy Act] has been resolved, the determination of the Trump president is regarded as a matter of course as domestic measures.

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