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Six-Day War Zenshi The history of Palestine - Palestinian tragedy that has been at the mercy of the great powers - Expanding Palestinian of Israeli territory by history the Middle East war of the Old Town Palestine of Jerusalem Palestine is located in the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Is that of BC's people began to live in this land. Palestine is not only a geographically important land that connects the Eurasian continent and the African continent, is Judaism, Christianity, deep land is also of significance to the religious to the presence of Islam in the Holy Land. Struggle of the people of On Palestine in order that began in ancient times, it still followed. Jewish [Western Wall], of Islam [Dome of the Rock], the Holy Land in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher] of Christianity can be found in a short distance. Jerusalem land area of ​​about square km was a diamond in the eastern part is the Jerusalem Old Town. [Dome of the Rock] was built on top of the huge rock that Muhammad that opened the Islam is to have ascended to heaven, is the dome gilt.

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